Friday, October 17, 2008

Evaluation & Celebration

We met in the middle of nowhere, some of us got a bit lost on the way but in the end we all got safe and sound to the harbour. Early morning the work started. Brainstorming, discussion and some planning took place. Objectives and aims, knowledge, skills and attitudes of the training course were analyzed and are in intensive development. That is not all...we also listened to stories of old sailors, our founding fathers about how it all began...We saw the movie of the Polish edition. In the evening we decided to connect with local community. We discovered, at least some of us, that calling a cab is not that easy, especially in the middle of the night. Others checked the comfort of the sofa in the corridor, while there were also those who spent the night in the car (always remember about your keys!). One person had a unique opportunity to get in personal contact with local authorities. The police was happy to reassure the sailors that the captain was sober - no rum in the blood :)

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