Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harbour Invasion!!!

Sailors from different countries just reach Montijo for a very special mission: get to know how to develop active citizenship in their local communities.
The invasion will last one week (until 24th November) and is ready to shake the local society with new ideas, actions and way of thinking. The reason of the invasion is to support the professional development of young trainers and to raise the quality of their projects concerning citizenship.
According to our sources, the sailors intend to make some noise and wake up the sleeping citizens making them active and aware to the rights and duties of be a part of the society, without forgetting the social, political and cultural background.
During next days our reporters will be in touch with all the crew and we will notice all the most important outcomes from that invasion.

Warning to Population!!!

Yesterday four known captains were seeing walking through Montijo. According police source 4 evil captains (Capt. Ondrej “Red Eye”, Capt. “Evil” Kasia, Capt. Marco “Wooden Foot” and Capt. Jendrek “Panda”) were seeing walking around thinking how to implement some activities in our city.
The same source noticed that they were caring apples, toasts, grapes and water to start to work in their evil plan. The police was already warned and will increase vigilance during the next days.
The last time where they was saw together was in Czech Republic and until now the local authorities are still counting all the damages that they provoke there.
According to Interpol Capt. Kasia and Ondrej were working lately in Israel and Palestine, Capt. Marco in Estonia and Capt. Jendrek in Poland If you have any more information about their location or their objectives, please warn the closest police station.


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Just rereading and good old memories pop up in my mind!
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