Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

E-youth TV: the best you can see!

Yesterday finally the long awaited new TV channel ‘E-youth TV’ hit the air for the first time. Based on all the amazing things Europe has to offer the TV producers created a fabulous new TV experience.

A broad range of new television programs aired yesterday ranging from the daily news to the new soap opera ‘Schultzstrasse’ starring numerous famous international actors, including the
incredibly talented and beautiful Polina Panainte.

‘STARTALKING’ the new European talk show being one of the biggest hits of the night, managed to turn rumors into facts by having the famous punk-rock star Johnny the Shepherd as their first guest on the show. The live show attracted a large audience of young girls (and some boys) all hoping to get the chance to personally ask Johnny the questions burning on their lips. Outside the studio a large crowd of the local fans gathered hoping to catch a glimpse of Johnny.

The documentary ‘European Youth Work, you will love it!’ gave us some insight into the stories behind active European citizenship and told us some eye-opening stories about why young people are getting involved in the European youth field and also gave us an insight into the different aspects of ‘intercultural experiences’.

The fairytale, ‘The unwritten stories of Tommy the fly’ created a wave of enthusiastic reactions. The actors, most acting for the first time in a television program, exceeded all expectations. The fairytale telling us the story about insects in the European forest was not only a great treat for the youngest among us, but was also an amazing psychedelic experience for the rest of us.

E-youth TV made some lucrative sponsor deals with Youth in Action, giving them air time for their new commercial, which showed some very artful ways of promoting their organization.
Overall it can definitely be said that the first broadcasting of E-youth TV was a grand success.

Although the new TV channel experienced some minor technical difficulties the hard work of everybody involved paid off and we are anxiously awaiting the next broadcast of E-youth TV!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Balvi- such a great town!

Balvi must be the first choice for fun! Forget about Riga, Amsterdam, London or Paris. Balvi is No. 1! Why?!

The thing that makes this town so special is the fact that it is bleak. It is like in a game, you always must find something: places (this is the easy task – because everything is only 3 minutes away) and PEOPLE (without “s” :p – this is the tuff task because you must be very careful with all the details, AND if you see somebody, you must find out a way to communicate with him/her (Balvians run VERY FAST!). Also, Balvi is unique because of the water. The water of Balvi is rich in minerals and has a unique smell. The water is very good for your health (if you can stand the smell). We put our trust in Balvi and we think that in a couple of years, Balvi will become one of the most famous spa’s.

The main attractions in Balvi are:

● Fountain “Water Lilly”: This is a very special place where
you can meditate and ask yourself some questions like
“What the F*** am I doing here?” or “If everything is only 3
minutes away from everything, where is the center of the
city ?”

● The Stones. In Balvi, you can find a lot of stones and also
you can feel the “special energy” coming from the stones
(because the stones are very large so they must be special...in
Balvi everything is special).

● Playground for children. This is an interesting thing because
when you hear “playgrounds for children”, you immediately
ask yourself “CHILDREN?! WHERE?!”

Johnny is missing

We have terrible news... Today Johnny disappeared … As we found out, Johnny's kidnapping has been put on „www.youtube.com/user/kidnappingofjohnny”. There is a suspicion that the EVIL SPANISH did it! But also it could be someone else…
All the Sailors demonstrated their discontent and unhappiness toward the current situation answering to the EVIL SPANISH:
“Johnny is our friend and he’s been accompanying us through all the issues. He’ll stay with us till the end.”
“Tenemos que proteger a Johnny! EVIL SPANISH! No vamos a dejarte hacer daño a Johnny! Johnny es nuestro amigo y nos ha acompañado durante todo el crucero! Va a ficar con nosotros hasta final, para siempre!”

Now in addition to the Spanish Evil, it seems that there is another group to claim the sequestration of our dear and beloved Johnny.

Newest gossip about this case:
The crew of the newsletters guys got to know some new facts about Johnny - it comes from trustable sources… First thing is that the kidnapper’s didn’t want the money anymore. They asked for money at first but now it’s FREE BEERS!!!!!!!What is the most interesting thing – the kidnappers are somehow connected with a MAGICAL number ‘18’… could it be their age? Or is it their lucky number? Who knows...?

Sailors' stories

Barbara Priess, 20 years old

About voting: my view as to voting is quite similar as Veronika already said. It’s necessary to vote and every vote can be critical.
As to “Youth in Action”: I have also taken part in 2 youth exchanges. In Poland it was like this project here in Balvi – Sailors! The other one was in Bulgaria together with Veronika. I am also doing EVS here in Latvia from the same time as Veronika. Why I have chosen Latvia: In my country, Austria, the Baltic States are not really popular. As I have been already to many places in Europe, mainly in the south countries, I was curious about experiencing the Baltic states. As I heard about the EVS, I was quite impressed of the opportunity that the EU offers young people. Furthermore the idea about the EVS is great!! After the offer from Latvia to host me for 9 months here in Balvi I took the opportunity and yeah… HERE I AM =)

SDN – Which projects related with the Programme Youth in Action have you participated in? Where have been the projects? What was the project that you liked most and why?

Dorota Dobkowska

I have participated in three different projects: a Contact Making Seminar in Spain on October 2006 (Giving Life to your Patrimony); a Training Course in Portugal in February 2007 (Building European Citizenship) and in one Youth Exchange in Poland in March 2007 (Together for Co-Existence).
The Project that I prefer was the Training Course in Portugal. It was special, intensive; it had a lot of interesting activities and people from around 10 Countries of the E.U.
In this project we have done a newspaper (with information about Europe) and one activity where we had to delineate Ten Commandments that an exemplary citizen must have.

Veronika Deleželovā, 25 years old

About voting: I thought before that it wasn’t important to vote, but now I see that it’s necessary to do it. From my own experience - the first and the onliest time I have voted was when I was 24 for the local government.
About “Youth in Action”: I have attended 2 youth exchanges which took place in Serbia and Bulgaria. Right now I am doing EVS (European voluntary service) right here in Latvia, Balvi. The duration of the project is 9 month. I came here last year on December and I’m leaving at this year August. How I get to know about this opportunity to do EVS? – a good girlfriend of me told about this and I took the chance. As I see – most people join these international events because of willingness to develop their language skills, it also improves communication skills. When I am looking for projects for me it’s important that I can learn more about the exact topic. After the end of EVS I am not quite sure if I will connect my future life with projects because I am not 100% sure what is my future gonna look like.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The stars of the day

Here another part of the Sailors Daily News. Shaun the Sheep did join the sailors movement!

Top European Summit Balvi

Nine middle-aged Latvians, twenty-three European youngsters and one interpreter. This makes a perfect platform to talk.

Yesterday morning, the Sailors had an unique and unforgettable opportunity
to meet a group of nine local politicians from Balvi region. The summit turned
into a hot discussion, as the participants started to fire away the questions to the authorities.

During the summit, important issues like youth participation in the decision making process and personal motivation of becoming a politician were discussed. The biggest problem of young people in the region is, that they cannot find a proper paid job. That is why they are leaving to Riga or abroad.

Fruitful discussion and exchanging good practices were followed by promises made by the politicians. Let’s meet in one year in Balvi to see if the usual political talks turned into reality…

Monday, April 21, 2008

Local communities

Sailors do they own Sailors Daily news. Here is a sample for you. Take a look on the article about the local community.

Two days of sailing

by Nicu
“Twenty four young people are in Balvi to learn about the atractions of European citizenship”, a few days ago this could be the headline in the news. After two days being here we know the story of each other and found our common interests and values. We started sailing and in two days found land - the land of cooperation, the land of friendship, the land of original ideas. At first, maybe we were shy, maybe some were sceptical about this project, but in a short time we started being a team, a real crew. Anybody can be critical about our imperfect english, but nobody can criticise the flowing of the project which seems to be really attractive and impressive for us. We continue sailing, who knows what other amazing lands wait for us?


On the second day of our criuse sailors just went crazy! It`s hard to guess in which direction we`re heading, some say that our ship will end like the Titanic, some say that they are having more fun than Hugh Hefner on his yacht. In the morning we had to cross the ocean (full of savage sharks) to reach a very special island, with an extraordinary sculpture of an unknown Soviet partisan in the middle. Eventualy everything ended well. Even the sharks turned into realy nice people.

But, if you think that we spent whole day having a party and getting tanned you`re wrong. Just after conquering the island we had to design the strategy of development for a couple of towns in different parts in Europe. Nothing special for us. After a short dinner we changed our sailors clothes into formal uniforms. That`s because we had a town council meeting in which we found a solution for decreasing the number of drug pushers (no more push, push). The Day finished with karaoke. Singing sailor`s songs all of us were thinking what other adventures we would face tommorow. The journalist team missed the karaoke (Polina, Michal and Nicu), but we heard you`re screaming anyway.

Extraordinary situation!

The simulation during the community day was dedicated to the city of Ochsenburg in Austia and its local council meeting. Here you have is the article of the local jurnalists:

Extraordinary situation! Recently on the Local Council meeting some important issues were touched, the future of the whole community was under the threat. The main topic was the drug pushing in the Gothenburg city in south Austria. The invited guests were: officers Jung and Janes, Herr Toppler, Frau Niespeat, Frau Schwarzwald, Dr Warheit und Dr. Falsch, Prof Rosensteig und Prof. Silberberg, Herr Dreck, Herr Stein und Frau Streit, Frau Leidernicht und Herr Weisswasser, Frau Schultz und Herr Schwartz. The well known and one of the best local and national reporters (WE) in Austria were also invited. The first to take a part in the discussions were Police officers, they inquired for more forces to fight against the drug pushers, they scored 10 out of 30, not bad attempt at all.

During the expressive discussions, the High School director suggested to punish the junkies and the dealers by putting them in front of the class as an example... best wishes to his kids. Another wonderful and fruitful idea was to ban the teenagers to stay out after 9pm, this would surely reduce the traffic jams on the Friday nights. The whole audience were shocked when they discovered that they tried to legalize the “soft” drags, but they had no clue what did it mean. Scientists are always in front of the sheep (!!). City council and audience were also widely entertained by an ex-junkie who even didn’t know the difference between reality and being stoned. All of all, everyone had a smile upon his/her face, they got pretty much what they wanted. And they lived in happiness, probably until the death.

Herr. Sweinsteiger und Frau Bild

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What does CITIZENSHIP means?

Today we’ve concluded the following:
The term ’’Citizenship” originates in the idea of ”citadel” which means a community leading itself by a set of rules. The sailors explained the origins of this word and its etymology in their languages, as follows:

Cidadania (Portuguese)
Cetatenie (Romanian)
Obywatelstwo (Polish)
Allampolgarsag (Hungarian)
Pilsoniba (Latvian)
Obcanstvi (Czechs)
Bürgerschaft (German)
Burgerschap (Dutch)

We’ve found some interesting quotations on the posters that could describe better our understanding of citizenship:
“To be a citizen means to be active but not to harm others.”
“Don’t think of citizenship like a noisy insect.”
“Think of citizenship as a way to fly and reach great heights in your society.”
“Each person can change society and make it a better place.”

So, to get some more personal ideas of what citizenship means, we have interviewed Paul, Sean and Bruno:

“To me, citizenship means respect each other; it’s the feeling that you belong somewhere, to a group of people.”

“Making a positive contribution to your society.”

“Citizenship is a kind of way where all the people of the society must interfere in order to respect a moral code and where they must express their ideas and values to contribute to the development of the community.”

So, see you tomorrow with some new ideas!

At midnight...

Wake up sailors! The crew is now complete. The last sailors arrived and joined the group in order to start the engine of our Citizen Ship

Put your markers in place.. ready, steady, go... sailors drawing the map of Europe.

Sailors are having a ship race, and the winner is... Air Force 3(free), represented by Sean, our yellow “subject of the Queen’’.

The sailors also performed today, in order to reveal the main aspects of citizenship across history: Ancient times, Middle Ages, Enlightment and Modern Times.