Sunday, March 22, 2009

Immigrants on board?

Our sail today was taken on a sea of discussion. It was actually the first time we did it without using any words. It was surprising experience, but somehow we managed it. We stopped for a while at the Nation State. Has anybody still have problem with understanding the difference between a nation and a state? – I don´t think so. J

We had a lot of fun at the immigration office. To get the nationality was not as easy as preparing an application form, but actually some of us got it- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

The questions were quite difficult, based on history, politics and culture. Those one who did not pass should not be worrying.

These are some examples:
Czech Republic asked:
1. Who was the composer of the Czech hymn?
2. Names of presidents from 1918?
1. Do we have to put cream to sauce carbonara?This experience brought us a little bit more information about our countries, but we also noticed that our actual knowledge is not as high as we thought it was.

Singing sailors
The moment all the sailors had been waiting for was the karaoke night. Our sheep expert Fergal also turned out to be a karaoke guru so we all were able to express ourselves through the microphone.

The beginning of the night was slow because as we know- all good things take time. When everybody heard the first brave solo singer they started coming into the “karaoke bar”.

Everybody was enjoying themselves but the only minus about the karaoke was a lack of new songs, because HmmHmm.., all of us don't know songs from the 70's-80's. :)

Even though some sailors sang into a fake microphone made of paper they still had fun. Go-go girls made the atmosphere of the “karaoke bar” even hotter. We just hope that their heat didn't burn down the room, because today we have to start with our training in another room. :)

Fergal and the sheep
1. What are your connections with sheep? Over the last 12 months I have become closely associated with Shaun, I was Shaunalized. We are very close. Life is so much better since Shaun came into my life.
2. When was the last time you touched a real sheep? I probably shouldn't say that. would be exposed.
3. What's your wildest dream connected with sheep? That Shaun The Sheep becomes the one
true god.
4. How old are you in sheep years? 124
5. Show us how a sheep looks like!


Marco said...

Hello Sailors,

Former sailors and captains all around the world are monitorizing each step of your journey... so keep the good work and join the elite squad of the sailors in the best way you can!!!

Hugs and good luck
Captain Marco

PS. Hey Fergal... leave the sheep alone... another sheep in your wall!!! hehehehe

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