Monday, April 5, 2010

Prep meeting for Sailors on the Citizenship XXL 1- 4.04. 2010 Liberec

The sailors came together in Liberec to prepare for the XXL Fair that will be held from 8-16.05. Sailors split into groups according to responsibilities and interests and every jolly sailor received their tasks. Every sailor also had the chance to brainstorm and suggest ideas to improve any part of the program.

Evenings were accompanied by meetings to discuss the program of the event but also with dinners to relax and to contemplate what was discussed during the meetings. The prep meeting proved to be prolific as most of the topics were discussed and decided on. Sailors sailed back to their shores to prepare for the great voyage in May.

Who is who on this voyage:

Education team: Kasia, Ondrej, Marco, Sean, Thomas and Damian - captains of our journey will be responsible for guiding you through the week that we will spend together, and also for creating an atmosphere in which all sailors will be able to learn from each other and feel at home in Liberec harbour.

PR and press team: Monika, Marita, Thomas, Veronika and Ondrej F. will keep you updated on the latest news.

Creative team: Katka and Magda will make sure that the interior and exterior are both in harmony and will make our voyage fashionable.

Contact with participants: Petra is going to keep in touch with all of the participants and keep them updated.

Contact with volunteers: Martina will keep close contact with all of the volunteers and keep them informed on changes and latest news.

Organization and logistics: Tonda and Damian will be responsible for arrangements and the overall management of the way resources will be moved to the areas where they are required.

The question of the day:
What can people expect from the event?

Ondrej: You can expect to get tired and to get an intensive international experience. Also be prepared to keep the amount of inspiration that appears as we hope that we will get the biggest number of inspiration per m2.

You can expect citizenship that means more than a passport or ID. Discussions where you can explore citizenship and new ways of practising it. A warm welcome to Liberec and a unique experience during the happening in the city centre, where you will have the awesome possibility to share the values and the way of life you believe in.

But in short you can expect a week which will open new directions in your life and believe me I am not joking.

Johnny's advices: How to prepare for the voyage?

1) Put your suitcase on the bed;

2) Insert clothes you will need for the voyage;

3) Divide the number of clothes you just put in the suitcase by 2 because every additional kilogram of excess luggage is expensive and heavy.

4) Check the weather and don’t forget to pack your swimwear;

5) Pack your sailors hat;

6) Find your good attitude and pack an additional set of smiles :)

7) Be sure to check updates about Sailors here on Blogspot, but also on Facebook: Sailors on the Citizenship and Johnny Sailor;

8) Take all of the mentioned above with you and start your voyage.

So dear sailors - go ahead, find your sailors hat and good attitude because we set sail very soon!

by Marita

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giovanni bianco said...

hey guys here giovanni BIanco, former sailor some years ago in Lithuania...would like to add the magic formula for suitcase i give to italian participants:
"you are a lady...cut out 75% of things and get 25%, this is what you really need, you are not expatriate and ask for asylum in czech republik, it's only one week!!
for italian guys: try to wonderful mystique experience of prepare your own luggage....then ask mom to add all the things you have for sure forgotten
hugs to Kasja ondrej and Sean....and one to my friend Naim :-)
ciao ciao hope to see you soon
giovanni BIANCO