Sunday, October 17, 2010

Captured leisure time. Written work outcome

Our Tallinn cruise sailors are not only pretty, but also wise. After brainstorming about the word "participation" we have eight uniqe definitions. These are written between the splendid leisure time pictures.Participation is the process of getting involved and being responsible for the things which touch our lifes and lives of the others. (Avit Chami, Tadeusz Mincer)Participation is about sharing and taking over responsibility. (Munira M. Salum, Dina Mikfeldt)Participation is not just seeing problems, it is about will to understand the problem more and trying to change it. Don't like it? Change it! Lke it? Try to supprt it! (Anne-Mari Pender, Michaela Mr ňousoca)
Participation is joined action within community (small, big..) to make positive change. (Colline Saabwe, Arkadiusz Tomaszewski)Participation means being involved in your family, society and also your government and take responsibility and willing to volunteeringly be active. (Mhindi H. Mayenga, Merli Antsmaa)
Active participation are the steps that we make in the way of change, to answer with our attitude the contracts that we made with society. (Ana Abad de Larriva, Zuzana Tvrzska)

Participation is active responsibility for everbody's world through sharing and involving leading to possible change. (Ana Castro Forte, Matěj Chour)

Participation it i will someone has to do something which i psychical or mental. (Michael Kimuli, Duarte Miguel Santos Zuzarte Reis)

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kai said...

Participation: is my verbal support cause am too far for giving 'high 5' to great people!