Friday, October 15, 2010

Country portrait - Estonia

Our surprisingly warm Estonian group: Dina, Anne-Mari, Merli

Where exactly is your country?

It is located in the North of Europe. Between Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia.



Km2 /Population

45 227 km2/1.34 million



Tricolor, horizontal.

Blue for the sky, lakes and truth & national feeling

Black for the ground and bread

White for Estonian nations hope for happiness and lightness (the sun…)

What`s the weather right now in your country?

Stormy, raining (+2ยบ)

Do you have something special in your country?

Estonians love nature, there are a lot of forests, it is flat (no mountains), black bread. Estonia is cover with excellent WI-FI.

Some joke about your country

From Latvia – “why are Matrix bullets so slow? Because they are made in Estonia.”


Henkas said...

Thanx for sharing, I love Estonia (Tallinn and Saarema are my favourites)


Meeli said...

Languages: Estonian. True, but actually it would be fair to add Russian as well, since 1/3 of our population still speak it daily...

Ondrej Lochman said...

But it is not our official one...