Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Crewbuilding

At the beginning of a training course, there was one main problem: how to make the participants `familiar` in a short time? That was the first goal of our nice sailors / trainers !

The participants had a typical sailor teambuilding exercise! Some dynamic ball games were coming at first, to assure a perfect memorisation of each participants from 27 countries in Europe! Then they had an artistic session: participants expressed the painter within themselves by making a portrait of eachother in the strict rules of modern art!

As you can see from the present photo showing their home-made map of Europe, the talent of each of them doesn’t need more proof! After these `ice-breaking` exercises, trainers asked us to dive into the deep chaos of our minds to put on tour ideas of the trip of their dreams… And finally, at the end of this `warm up` day, all the group was ready for their initial goal: playing their own sketches of different decisive periods of citizenship building !

Because, yes, we are coming to the main point: artists or non-talented people, dreamers or nothing of that, we are all citizens of Europe!

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