Friday, November 21, 2008

Local community

After the intercultural evening everybody was apparently capable to be in time for breakfast. Immediately we knew it was going to be a long day. But as real sailors should be, we love long trips on challenging waves. We were going to explore the “local community” and had 6 hours to reach the finish with 3 ships and 3 seas to cross: see Discovery, see Dreaming and see Design. The first obstacle blew us to Poland, to a small community far away from “civilization”. The youth over there grabs every chance to escape to the “modern” world. Our main goal was to introduce citizenship again and make the local community worth living in.
The first wave was to “discover” what happened and how it could come this far. The school was too far, there were almost no busses, etc. But there was also strength in the community we had to take in mind to take in our plan to let revive the village like the little tourism and the agricultural possibilities that were laying there. The second wave looked simple but was more challenging then we could imagine: Dreaming… dreaming about how it all should be, the perfect community! We would build out the community’s strengths and even integrate these aspects, as well as creating a more social feeling between the citizens, young and older, due to installing facilities like art, youth clubs,… Our last wave we had to get over without going overboard was to put it all in practice by “designing” and visualize it so everybody could behold how it will all look like in the future. So we started collecting materials like color papers, scissors, glue to make some kind of maquette and drew our plans so the whole world could see what we came up to, to get the best out of a community and let it revive.
The three ships crossed the finish line after a rough and exhausting day, nobody fell overboard and they all had great stories to tell to the world from the moment they get their first step on vast soil.

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