Friday, November 21, 2008

New Sailor on the Crew

Yesterday, Monday 17th November 2008 a new intrepid sailor joined the crew. She was seen hanging around at various times during the day, and also joined in a number of activities.

We don’t know our new friend’s name, but she’s sweet and furry, she’s got four legs and longs for love and attention. By now you must have probably realised that we are speaking about the dog which was around us yesterday.

They say that dogs have a sixth sense. She seemed to realise that we are a great group of people to hang around with. She realised that WE ARE THE FUTURE, and wanted to be there with us. It was as if she wanted to motivate us an tell us that we are going in the right direction.

So, guys and girls, remember that the dog is always right. We are the FUTURE and the future is BRIGHT!
Big Boy failed!
Finally, they didn’t succeed. Big Boy, the Austrian – Greek – Turkish – Italian boat, lost the Montijo Boat Race that took place yesterday in Montijo fountain arena, in front of thousands people. “It was projected to win, we worked hard on it, we’re quite disappointed” told us Kostas Pozios, the Greek engineer of Big Boy, after the competition.
Anyway, there were many complains after the race: Big Boy team claims that other boats used not permitted engines. “What a shame, they cheated!” according to Halim Nalbant, the informatics engineer of Big Boy. Anyway Thomas Dusch, the Austrian skipper of Big Boy, is optimistic:” It was a very hard competition, our engineers did their best, we will make improvements for the sailing boat trip to Lisbon to be the first!” In fact, though they lost Montijo race, Big Boy team is aware that their boat is fast and performing: sure they’re going to win many competition this year

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