Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sailors' stories

Barbara Priess, 20 years old

About voting: my view as to voting is quite similar as Veronika already said. It’s necessary to vote and every vote can be critical.
As to “Youth in Action”: I have also taken part in 2 youth exchanges. In Poland it was like this project here in Balvi – Sailors! The other one was in Bulgaria together with Veronika. I am also doing EVS here in Latvia from the same time as Veronika. Why I have chosen Latvia: In my country, Austria, the Baltic States are not really popular. As I have been already to many places in Europe, mainly in the south countries, I was curious about experiencing the Baltic states. As I heard about the EVS, I was quite impressed of the opportunity that the EU offers young people. Furthermore the idea about the EVS is great!! After the offer from Latvia to host me for 9 months here in Balvi I took the opportunity and yeah… HERE I AM =)

SDN – Which projects related with the Programme Youth in Action have you participated in? Where have been the projects? What was the project that you liked most and why?

Dorota Dobkowska

I have participated in three different projects: a Contact Making Seminar in Spain on October 2006 (Giving Life to your Patrimony); a Training Course in Portugal in February 2007 (Building European Citizenship) and in one Youth Exchange in Poland in March 2007 (Together for Co-Existence).
The Project that I prefer was the Training Course in Portugal. It was special, intensive; it had a lot of interesting activities and people from around 10 Countries of the E.U.
In this project we have done a newspaper (with information about Europe) and one activity where we had to delineate Ten Commandments that an exemplary citizen must have.

Veronika Deleželovā, 25 years old

About voting: I thought before that it wasn’t important to vote, but now I see that it’s necessary to do it. From my own experience - the first and the onliest time I have voted was when I was 24 for the local government.
About “Youth in Action”: I have attended 2 youth exchanges which took place in Serbia and Bulgaria. Right now I am doing EVS (European voluntary service) right here in Latvia, Balvi. The duration of the project is 9 month. I came here last year on December and I’m leaving at this year August. How I get to know about this opportunity to do EVS? – a good girlfriend of me told about this and I took the chance. As I see – most people join these international events because of willingness to develop their language skills, it also improves communication skills. When I am looking for projects for me it’s important that I can learn more about the exact topic. After the end of EVS I am not quite sure if I will connect my future life with projects because I am not 100% sure what is my future gonna look like.

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