Thursday, April 24, 2008

Johnny is missing

We have terrible news... Today Johnny disappeared … As we found out, Johnny's kidnapping has been put on „”. There is a suspicion that the EVIL SPANISH did it! But also it could be someone else…
All the Sailors demonstrated their discontent and unhappiness toward the current situation answering to the EVIL SPANISH:
“Johnny is our friend and he’s been accompanying us through all the issues. He’ll stay with us till the end.”
“Tenemos que proteger a Johnny! EVIL SPANISH! No vamos a dejarte hacer daño a Johnny! Johnny es nuestro amigo y nos ha acompañado durante todo el crucero! Va a ficar con nosotros hasta final, para siempre!”

Now in addition to the Spanish Evil, it seems that there is another group to claim the sequestration of our dear and beloved Johnny.

Newest gossip about this case:
The crew of the newsletters guys got to know some new facts about Johnny - it comes from trustable sources… First thing is that the kidnapper’s didn’t want the money anymore. They asked for money at first but now it’s FREE BEERS!!!!!!!What is the most interesting thing – the kidnappers are somehow connected with a MAGICAL number ‘18’… could it be their age? Or is it their lucky number? Who knows...?


The most Evil from The Evil Spanish said...

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