Sunday, April 20, 2008

What does CITIZENSHIP means?

Today we’ve concluded the following:
The term ’’Citizenship” originates in the idea of ”citadel” which means a community leading itself by a set of rules. The sailors explained the origins of this word and its etymology in their languages, as follows:

Cidadania (Portuguese)
Cetatenie (Romanian)
Obywatelstwo (Polish)
Allampolgarsag (Hungarian)
Pilsoniba (Latvian)
Obcanstvi (Czechs)
Bürgerschaft (German)
Burgerschap (Dutch)

We’ve found some interesting quotations on the posters that could describe better our understanding of citizenship:
“To be a citizen means to be active but not to harm others.”
“Don’t think of citizenship like a noisy insect.”
“Think of citizenship as a way to fly and reach great heights in your society.”
“Each person can change society and make it a better place.”

So, to get some more personal ideas of what citizenship means, we have interviewed Paul, Sean and Bruno:

“To me, citizenship means respect each other; it’s the feeling that you belong somewhere, to a group of people.”

“Making a positive contribution to your society.”

“Citizenship is a kind of way where all the people of the society must interfere in order to respect a moral code and where they must express their ideas and values to contribute to the development of the community.”

So, see you tomorrow with some new ideas!

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