Monday, April 21, 2008

Extraordinary situation!

The simulation during the community day was dedicated to the city of Ochsenburg in Austia and its local council meeting. Here you have is the article of the local jurnalists:

Extraordinary situation! Recently on the Local Council meeting some important issues were touched, the future of the whole community was under the threat. The main topic was the drug pushing in the Gothenburg city in south Austria. The invited guests were: officers Jung and Janes, Herr Toppler, Frau Niespeat, Frau Schwarzwald, Dr Warheit und Dr. Falsch, Prof Rosensteig und Prof. Silberberg, Herr Dreck, Herr Stein und Frau Streit, Frau Leidernicht und Herr Weisswasser, Frau Schultz und Herr Schwartz. The well known and one of the best local and national reporters (WE) in Austria were also invited. The first to take a part in the discussions were Police officers, they inquired for more forces to fight against the drug pushers, they scored 10 out of 30, not bad attempt at all.

During the expressive discussions, the High School director suggested to punish the junkies and the dealers by putting them in front of the class as an example... best wishes to his kids. Another wonderful and fruitful idea was to ban the teenagers to stay out after 9pm, this would surely reduce the traffic jams on the Friday nights. The whole audience were shocked when they discovered that they tried to legalize the “soft” drags, but they had no clue what did it mean. Scientists are always in front of the sheep (!!). City council and audience were also widely entertained by an ex-junkie who even didn’t know the difference between reality and being stoned. All of all, everyone had a smile upon his/her face, they got pretty much what they wanted. And they lived in happiness, probably until the death.

Herr. Sweinsteiger und Frau Bild


Jędrek Witkowski said...

What an awesome idea to make SoC more interactive and involve more people from around Europe!
I wish I were there with you guys!
Have fun sailing Baltic again!

sad said...

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