Thursday, April 24, 2008

Balvi- such a great town!

Balvi must be the first choice for fun! Forget about Riga, Amsterdam, London or Paris. Balvi is No. 1! Why?!

The thing that makes this town so special is the fact that it is bleak. It is like in a game, you always must find something: places (this is the easy task – because everything is only 3 minutes away) and PEOPLE (without “s” :p – this is the tuff task because you must be very careful with all the details, AND if you see somebody, you must find out a way to communicate with him/her (Balvians run VERY FAST!). Also, Balvi is unique because of the water. The water of Balvi is rich in minerals and has a unique smell. The water is very good for your health (if you can stand the smell). We put our trust in Balvi and we think that in a couple of years, Balvi will become one of the most famous spa’s.

The main attractions in Balvi are:

● Fountain “Water Lilly”: This is a very special place where
you can meditate and ask yourself some questions like
“What the F*** am I doing here?” or “If everything is only 3
minutes away from everything, where is the center of the
city ?”

● The Stones. In Balvi, you can find a lot of stones and also
you can feel the “special energy” coming from the stones
(because the stones are very large so they must be
Balvi everything is special).

● Playground for children. This is an interesting thing because
when you hear “playgrounds for children”, you immediately
ask yourself “CHILDREN?! WHERE?!”

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