Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sailors Day 1

Marco explaining the plan of Day 1

Sailor Bingo: Sailors finding out who knows how to draw, who can speak more than 3 languages, who has ever milked a cow. It turns out that our sailors have many different and unique skills.

The prize for finding all or most of the unique sailors: being the first one to receive the sailor's umbrella!

Introducing Sailors, the programme and sharing expectations.

Spiderweb. As already mentioned, our sailors are very unique and also helpful.

And like to have a laugh.

City Game & Getting to Know Liberec

Sailors took over the streets of Liberec and discovered its beauty, secret nooks and opportunities that it offers to young people and came up with 101 unusual ways for using a sailor's umbrella.

Have you every tried to exchange a T-shirt on the street? Think it’s easy? Not really! Group number 1 knows all about it. Finally one nice girl could not resist the sexy sailors and the mission of exchanging the T-shirt was successful.

Group number 2 tasted the best Czech beer and their special task to exchange a yo-yo was a success. Finally they got a great deal – a yo-yo for a teddy-bear and a teddy-bear for a stick horse. Everybody was jealous!

Group number 3 had a nice afternoon on the main square. Damian taught a special Irish dance.

The trip to the top of the Ještěd was a true experience for Group number 4. They saw a prestigious soccer match and chatted with a friendly waitress.

In front of the biggest shopping mall called Nisa, Group number 5 performed a special kind of martial arts.

Group number 6 found a lovely present for Johnny Sailor – one green glove. We are not exactly sure how he will benefit from it or how will he use it, but he will definitely love it! Also, for Johnny’s children, the group brought an interactive game!

Intercultural Evening included sharing knowledge about Sailors’ countries. Sailors had the opportunity to try national food and drinks from all over Europe and got to improve their dancing skills. Now we are looking forward to see Sailors’ dancing during Happening.

Be sure to come back and check for updates because we have a lot more coming!

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