Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sailors Day 4

Sailor's study visits to V-Club, Divizna, DTV - Children's TV.

In V-Club the participants got information about Youth Parliament, PolaCzek and saw a presentation about V-Club. Also, the V-Club will soon be undergoing reconstruction and participants were divided into groups and were asked to devise a new design/plan for the club. They could add all they thought would be useful for a youth club and finally got the chance to present what they had come up with.

In Divizna Ecological Center participants got to see a presentation about ecological educational programs for students, seminars, workshops for students of pedagogical faculties and youth workers.

Children's TV aimed to show the orientation in the media world for the youth and to support the youth in their own activities and critical thinking. They also aimed to offer an option to spend free time in an interesting and useful way. The project's overall aim is to educate the youth in the world of media.

Also, the NGO Market has been up on the wall for 2 days now. Go and check it out if you haven't done that yet.

So Sailors, as always, be sure to keep on checking for updates as the biggest happening during this sail is very near!

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