Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sailors Day 3

Second day of the workshops and good practices.

Sailors took part in Workshops such as "What's under your clothes?", which touched upon the concept of fashion and identity, consumerism and consumption; and "Understanding Citizenship - What it means to You" which aimed to give participants space and time to reflect on their own understanding of citizenship.

Sailors got to experience Good practices such as "Living Library" which aimed to promote tolerance through breaking stereotypes and knowing difference; "Masz glos, masz wybór - your vote, your choice" aimed to make citizens be more interested about the probems of their comminities and to encourage them to get involved; and Young Citizen-MK, which aimed to develop young people's understanding of the issues involved and impove their opportunities to become more active citizens.

Finally, participants reflected on their experiences and let their ideas swim as fishes in the sea.

Sailors on National TV

The Good Morning Show on the Czech Television welcomed two of our sailors, the president of LOS - Ondrej Lochman and the vice president, Antonin Ferdan. They talked about the project and what citizenship means for them. They also invited everyone to come to the Happening on the May 14 at 12.30 next to the OD Plaza in Liberec.

You can check the interview here: part 1 and part 2.

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