Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sailors Day 6

The Happening

Sailors flooded the streets of Liberec with blue and white umbrellas. As it was a rainy day, sailors could use their umbrellas to the full and invite more people to get involved. The sailors split into groups and spread around the town with one simple message: smile and be active! To get people to smile, sailors offered free hugs to all. They also attracted people and pointed them to the right direction with mini flash-mobs. Also, at the bus-stop, a good-bye service was set to make anyone who was leaving feel warm and think about coming back soon, In the centre, tents were put up to make the place even more approachable - a cosy living library, where citizerns of Europe were the books, juggling, children's corner complete with face-painting and art-corner, and an info stand of LOS were all set up to invite the people of Liberec to be active. Throughout the afternoon, visitors had the chance to watch the impovisational theatre in action inside the shopping centre - living statues, musical instruments and other fun activities ,all performed by our own blue-and-white sailors.

To end the wonderful day, 2 major things were planned: A flash-mob in the shopping-centre Plaza and a human logo representing the World. The logo was captured from the top of the Plaza. Local media also captured the moment. Check out the media releases about sailors here.

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