Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sailors Day 5

Prep for happening and discussion with politicians - World Café

Sailors finally found out what the happening is all about and divided into groups according to what interested them the most:free hugs, good-bye service, living library, theatre, mini flash-mobs - you name it, and started preparing for the big event. What they did not know was that in the evening they would get a special surprise - a maxi flash-mob where all of the sailors would find their dancing shoes and polka their way into the next day.

But just before the surpise in the evening, sailors visited the V-Klub for the World Café - the discussion with local politicians. There each sailor had a chance to talk to local politicians. The patron of the meeting was Ondrej Liška,who opened the discussion with his speech. The political scene of Liberec was represented by D. Vaclavik, M. Pokorna, M. Puta, R. Cikl and O. Ćervinka. The debate reflected on the current situation in youth policy. The main message of the meeting could be summed up with the following sentence: everyone should be active; start changing something on your own, instead of waiting for someone to do it.

The sailors were also happy about the setting of the meeting: this time the politicians came to the youth, and not the other way around as it usually happens. This gave a perfect ground for discussions on an equal level.

All in all a very productive day for the sailors. Stay tuned for more!

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